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SME on the plus side

2010-11-08 10:47:01

According to the PARP report the total number exporting SMEs in 2009 increased by almost 1000 companies. Last year the share of SMEs in Poland’s total export increased from 26.5% to 27.3%. The results show that small and medium entrepreneurs did not only resist the economic recession, but also did better than large companies that noted overall drop in foreign sales.

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Blog – turning a blind eye on the economy.

2010-10-22 10:28:30

To break away from the ever growing mountains of regulations, documents and data, we’d like to invite you for a brief moment of relaxation. We’d like to propose you a series of articles published on the blog of the Polish Export Development Foundation. The articles in a very loose manner refer to the economic news, sometimes turning a blind eye on them.

The first post we picked touches the subject of European recipes, that can bring a smile on the face of any entrepreneur – "Carrot as a fruit and other European absurds".

Switzerland – the most competitive economy in the World

2010-10-21 11:32:33

The World Economic Forum published a “Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011”. The competitiveness of world economies adopted 12 pillars as the assessment criteria,  among others: higher education, goods market effectiveness, performance of the labour market, development of financial markets and innovation. Switzerland won the ranking, followed by Sweden and Singapore. Poland took 39th place, which is seven lucky steps higher than the last year.

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2010-10-18 21:25:15

Dear Sirs! 10 years of experience in the consulting industry brought Oppen Expo Global over 300 clients. To prove the qualification of our employees and the results of the fruitful cooperation with PARP, and companies like “Surówki Grześkowiak” or “Comarch”, we created a “References” tab.

We hope that the provided material will help you to decide on choosing Oppen Expo Global as your business partner, who will significantly contribute to the development of your company.


From the series: Exporter’s trivia

2010-09-21 15:46:29

Export of polish pomatia snail to Western Europe is worth over 3 million €. Polish and Czech snails are considered the best quality in Europe.