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The work on new B2B project starts now

2014-10-20 13:18:14

This summer Oppen Expo managed to sign the contract for the implementantion of a new project under European Innovatice Economy programme!

The work on our new plan is in full swing - the project does not only serve our company making our work easier, it also consists of a new, innovative platform, which we will leave to your disposal. The whole team works on a creating it and making it fully functional, and maybe soon we will be able to tell you a little more about it.

Launch of the polish apple export to the East

2011-01-09 17:33:30

With the new year Russia lifts barriers on the import of polish apples. Despite practically unlimted absorption capacity of the local market and the beneficial export situation thanks to depreciation of the polish zloty, the sales of fruits will be limited. As a result of this year’s crop failure, the foreign sales will be smaller by approx.. 350 thousand tons in the comparison with the year before (800 thousand tons). The small supply will be partially compensated by  higher price of the apples – up to 1,40PLN compared to 0.70 PLN in the 2009.

Newsletter – export at a glance

2011-01-04 13:01:24

Dear readers, in the last week of January, together with the Polish Foundation of Export Development we announce the release of a free newsletter about export. In the monthly magazine you will find among others: industry reports, analysis of the current  economic events that influence the world trade, interviews with experts and tips on effective export marketing. To subscribe please register on

Register today!

Russian appetite for polish food grows

2010-12-15 13:20:28

In the year’s first three quarters the value of polish food and agriculture export to Russian Federation were in total 548 mld EUR, making it a 30% value raise. The share of Russian Federation in polish exports equals 5,7% (compared to 4,9% in 2009). Polish fruits, vegetables, pastry, meat, chocolate confectionery and dairies are the most popular in Russia. The last three noted the biggest dynamic growth per year.

Source: Agricultural report

Every country has its customs

2010-12-14 16:05:57

Have you ever wondered why some business talks with the foreign enterpraises did not produce the desired effects? The offered contract arrangement was more than favourable… It is possible that you fell into the trap of the non-verbal communication. About which situation might compromise your international cooperation and how words are less important you can read on the newest blog post:  "Our body speaks – how to talk with a foreigner.”.