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The purpose of service “Research of opportunities for market entry”, is to identify possible opportunities and risks that are associated to the Polish entrepreneur entering a new foreign market.

We also conduct research for companies that already have commercial experience in the region, and are interested in deepening and updating of knowledge. We prepare current, reliable picture of the situation. Our research helps make accurate, strategic business decisions.

Also other specific factors that have direct impact on business results in your industry are analyzed. We also present relevant to the market, macro-and microeconomic indicators.


As a summary of the study, based on years of experience in exporting, we suggest a possible strategy for the development on the described market if test results show that there is sufficient economic justification for investment.

We also offer additional avenues for growth, which may contribute to the economic success of your company and product or service.

Methods of testing

During consultation we individually determine the amount and detail of data collected so that the analysis corresponds to the specificity of your company and your offer in maximum. The exact contents of each test is tailored to the needs and reflects the situation on international markets.

The analysis is based on the latest data. We use the method of desk research, international databases and specialty papers industry, also use direct interviews. The studies often involve external experts on economic issues - trade in a specific country or region.

Ways to obtain information are tailored to the needs of each company and the type of products or services.

Which markets do we examine?

We specialize in studies of the largest markets for Polish business partners as well as analysis of the situation in neighboring markets in developing countries. CIS countries - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltic republics, Western Europe, North and South, including Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Scandinavia and Benelux, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Spain and Portugal. We cooperate with foreign experts and retail outlets in addition to accurately verify the situation in terms of your offer also for markets such as China, USA, Brazil and African countries, Middle East and Australia.

We  convert practical knowledge about international trade and experience in the markets research into success of your products and services abroad.