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Detailed market research nowadays is a necessity. Due to dynamic changes both at the market where the company operates, as well as global environment, the systematic analysis of economic space is fully justified. Analysing the market, Oppen Expo Global has in mind, above all aspects,  taking of key activities in the enterprise, focused on the fact that the market analysis was used creating the conditions for making managerial decisions. The purpose of market research carried out by Oppen Expo Global is an analysis of all elements of the market, including the analysis of development of potential and competitive environment on the market in which your company intends to operate. This study may relate to both domestic market and foreign markets.

Methods of research

The market research methods offered by Oppen Global Expo are carried out using the analysis, the methodology used and is known throughout the world. The same test is carried out mainly by "desk research". This method involves the collection, analysis and presentation of data from existing sources: the international databases, special reports, yearbooks, newspapers, trade publications and Internet resources. In each paper we use recent statistics from credible, reliable and proven sources. In addition to using "desk research" also use their expertise and proprietary methods for collecting data and opinions from experts in the field (this method can be called a kind of modification of the Delphi method).

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